Look for signs of...

Growth. Not stagnation.

How does the company measure success for individual contributors? For managers? For the company as a whole?

How aggressively has the company or team been hiring in the past year?

How quickly do the strongest team members grown into positions of leadership?

How do people grow in this role? How do they grow out of this role?

What can you tell me about new product developments or upcoming projects?

Learning. Not blame.

How do teams learn to improve from one project to the next? From one outage to the next? What are some examples of improvements made?

How is knowledge documented and shared across the company?

What is the company policy on conference attendance?

Productivity. Not politics.

Is the team focused on high impact/visibility work?

What is the performance review process?

What can you tell me about the job that isn't in the description?

What is the most difficult time of day/month/year?

What kind of resources and support are available?

Collaboration. Not a meat-grinder.

What tools does the team use to increase iteration speed?

How often do individuals switch teams or projects?

How does senior management view this team?

What percentage of time is spent on maintenance versus developing new products and features?

How does the team work? Single-person projects? Pair-programming? Are there super-stars on the team?

How are engineers involved in product design and direction?

Are team members able to choose projects that interest them?

How long does it take to go from an idea to launch?


Does someone answer the phone?